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Patch 'n' Play Fun Tee

Patch 'n' Play Fun Tee

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 "Patch 'n' Play Fun T-Shirt", where creativity meets comfort! This innovative t-shirt is designed to inspire imagination with its Velcro feature and removable patches. Kids can mix and match patches to create their own unique designs, fostering endless fun and self-expression comes with one Free Patch.

Remove the patch before washing or ironing and preferably to hand wash the T-shirt

Material: 100% Cotton

Care Instructions

All items except Patch Patch 'n' Play Fun Tee:

For optimal care for our products, we
recommend machine washing the clothes inside out with similar colors at a maximum temperature of 30 degrees Celsius.
Please avoid bleach and tumble drying.
After washing, iron inside out using low heat, avoiding ironing directly on any prints to maintain their quality. These care instructions will help keep the clothes looking fresh and vibrant.

Patch ‘n’ Play Fun Tee:

For best results, we highly recommend hand washing your "Patch 'n' Play Fun Tee" inside out. This helps protect the patches and stickiness of the Velcro. By following this method, you'll preserve the vibrancy and integrity of the design, keeping your t-shirt looking fresh and fun for longer.

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